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Fan Choices

Desk top

These fans are designed to give quick easy cooling to both a bedroom and office type area.


Lacking in a large floor space area. Tower fans are ideal as a space saving solution. Also a great alternative for the bedroom.


Pedestals are a large fan and are great for cooling a larger area. They come with different options, including remote controls, colours, etc. Here at Stan Cash we even have industrial sized fans.

Ceiling fan

This fan is mounted on the ceiling and provides expansive cooling relief for larger areas and is also a great option for the bedroom. This provides a great alternative if you are looking to stay cool on a budget.

Floor fans

These will cool a small area without taking up to much space and are less visible than pedestal or tower fans and are easily stored. Wall fans We have a great selection of walls fans that could be suitable for the bedroom, office, outdoor area and anywhere else you require a fixed fan.

Air Conditioning Choices


This unit can be placed in any room and is able to be taken to another location if you move house. It requires outside ventilation so must be placed near a window to pump the warm air outside the home.


A box unit, otherwise known as a window wall unit can be mounted in an external window or hole in the wall. They pump cool air into the area and vent the warm air outside.

Split system

A split system unit comprises two parts. The head unit is installed inside the home and the compressor is mounted outside the home. There are also options to put more than one head in the home to provide better coverage. This is known as Multihead

The buying guide for air conditioning is not as complicated as it seems, considering it is one categories where you are spoilt for choice.

Are you renting?

If so you want something portable. Desk top, tower and pedestal are all in the fan category. A portable air conditioner would be the next step up. Although it may be more expensive than just the fan option, consider this. It is then yours to do with what you want. Even if your next step is to buy a home, your portable unit can then be used in a bedroom that may not be close to a fixed unit that may already be in the house. They are also a very good option for elderly people who may possibly never had air conditioning and live in a small type dwelling.

Is the unit going into an existing home?

If this is the case the best thing to do is have your room measurements or ideally your floor plan and take it to Stan Cash in Brooklyn where one of the air conditioning experts can give you advice on the system that would maximise the efficiency of the air conditioning unit for your area.

If you are building a home simply take the floor plan into our Brooklyn store so we can try to optimise your cooling options before you even lay the foundation. Stan Cash have payment options so you can choose before you build but pay closer to your finishing time. We all have our budgets, but Stan Cash in Brooklyn have exceptional supplier relationships and can provide some wonderful cash back solutions on air conditioning at different times of the year, these cash backs could slash hundreds of dollars off your purchase. Check our website or call the stores to check on the latest air conditioning cash back deals with our partner suppliers. So who do you get to install your air conditioner? We have the answer for that too. We have trusted installers that you can liaise with to complete your air conditioning experience with Stan Cash.