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stancash bagless and bagged vacuum cleanersFactors to consider when choosing a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner vary and are family specific.

Bagged Vacuums

There are 2 types of Bags there are paper bags and cloth bags. As a general rule Bagged vacuums have a larger wattage than the Bagless vacuums, the reason for this is that the bag is generally located in front of the motor and the motor needs to be stronger to draw through the dust that is already in the bag.

Paper bags

When the bag is full it is easily removed and you just dispose of it, some bags can even be sealed before being removed from the unit to ensure minimal dust escape. Paper bags are more hygienic and better for allergy sufferers as the bag is another layer of filtration which maximizing the dust collection.

Cloth Bags

Cloth bags are commonly found in cheaper vacuums sub $100 , whilst it may seem to be a cost saving as a general rule the cloth bag may clog up and affect the performance of the vac , as this the defeats the purpose of doing the vacuuming.

Bagless Vacuums

These have clear canisters so you can see when the canister needs emptying. You don’t have the expense of bags or the environmental costs of throwing them away. The more expensive bagless vacuums have one touch cleaning and never lose their suction power.


Any vacuum you choose, bagged or bagless requires maintenance. The canister needs emptying and cleaning or the bag needs changing. As the bag fills up you can loose some suction. Do not let either overflow, you will only be pushing the dirt back into your home. Clean filters regularly. The filters collect the fine dust but can clog up quickly. Check you instructions on how to clean them or they may be replacement item.