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Bedding / Mattresses

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Stan Cash Superstore has an extensive range of Australian Made Comfort Sleep bedding.

Winners of the “Excellence in a Set” 3 years in a row (Judged by Australian Furniture Association), Comfort Sleep Bedding has been manufacturing since 1981 and manufacture under one roof using the finest materials.

“We are proud to say that all our mattress and bases are manufactured in Australia, and this is something we feel is an integral part of our brand and we will continue to be so in the future,” said David.

“As we know, Australian people are now more than ever looking to support Australian made product and businesses, and we think this awareness will only become greater in the future.”

Stan Cash carry any extensive range at our Brooklyn store so you are assured to find a mattress that suites your needs and budget.

The mattresses are available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King and your can choose between Plush, Medium and Firm.

Stan Cash know that back up service is important to our customers and know that the Comfort Sleep after sales service is fantastic.

Bedding Layers

The difference between a good bed and a great bed is the layers.
Some of the great features you can find on some of the Comfort Sleep Mattresses include –

  • High Density Foam

    High Density Foam
    The High Density Foam is equipped with HealthGuard™. This will help product you from dust mites which can be major causes of asthma and allergies.

  • Wool Layer

    Wool Layer
    Made from a natural wool blend with a synthetic compound this wool layer is strong and durable. The layer is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-dust mites plus it will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Memory Foam

    Memory Foam
    Memory foam contours to the natural curves of your body and adapts to your shape. Along with this the extra layer provides premium comfort and pressure relief. HealthGuard™ has also been added to the Memory Foam to help protect against dust-mites.

  • Breeze 3DM

    Breeze 3DM
    Having good airflow through your mattress is important and the advanced mech technology helps promote airflow through the comfort layers. This helps regulate the overall temperature of the mattress preventing you from getting hot and cold.

  • Contour Tech™ Pocket Coil

    Contour Tech™ Pocket Coil
    Available in 3 and 5 Zone the individual pocket coil system helps with maximum body contouring. Along with this the individualisation of the springs means when your partner rolls over there is little to no disturbance to you.

  • Gel Form X™ Memory Foam

    Gel Form X™ Memory Foam
    Infused into the memory foam the Gel Form X™ offers extra comfort during the night by ensuring higher breathability so that the mattress stays cooler.

  • Latex Layer

    Latex Layer
    The latex layer helps create a highly resilient mattress layer that is comfortable and durable. The latex layer has properties in it which make the mattress anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-dust-mite

  • No Turn Technology

    No Turn Technology
    Something no one like to do is having to rotate their mattress. Comfort Sleep beds have No Turn Technology meaning you never have to flip your mattress. The layers have been specially formulated so that the mattress can stay the way you got it.

  • Thermosleep™ Technology

    Thermosleep™ Technology
    Combining Breezez™ and Quiltex™ together an open cell form comfort layer is put at the top of the mattress, this help improve breathability.

  • Edge Boost™ Foam Box

    Edge Boost™ Foam Box
    No one like to fall off the side of the bed but with Edge Boost there is less chance of that happening. Edge Boost allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress while being supported. No more will it feel like the sides of the bed are collapsing on you.