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There are many things to consider when buying the best coffee machine for you.

Do you like the same coffee every day or do you like varied blends?

Do you like the same coffee every day or do you like varied blends?

Do you entertain often?

Do you like ground coffee or the measured pod alternative?

Do you want the unit built in or on the benchtop?

Do you have room on your benchtop? Do you want to grind your own coffee?

Do you want a machine with an inbuilt frother or would you like one separate?


Manual units are a fantastic way to enter the coffee market. You get to try different variations of coffee, what you like and how you like it. These units do not come with a coffee grinder so if you like a certain blend, ground a certain way you will need to buy it already ground. Alternatively, you can buy a grinder and choose your own blend with your own coffee beans. Some coffee machines have a built in steamer, or rod, that can inject steam into a milk jug, creating the froth. Or you may choose to purchase a milk frother.


An automatic machine will essentially do all the work for you. It will grind the coffee to your liking and will have an internal frother to heat and froth your milk.


Pod machines have taken the coffee world by storm. They provide pre ground, pre measured coffee. The beauty of the pod machines is you can purchase different pods to suit whatever flavour or strength you or your guests like. You can also buy machines that have a universal capsule container. This means you can purchase any brand or size of capsule , you are not limited to one supplier. They are generally smaller than manual or automatic machines therefore fitting nicely on your bench without taking up too much space.


Turkish coffee is back in a big way and at Stan Cash we have a range of Turkish coffee machines to suit your needs.

Lets get technical

A coffee machine may look fantastic and you can already see it on your bench top. But here are some tips to make sure you buy the best quality and a machine that will function at its to optimum capacity for years to come.

Bar pressure:

This is the speed the hot water is pushed through the coffee. The better the bar pressure the better the machine and the better temperature the coffee. A minimum of 15 bars is essential for good quality coffee Thermolock: This is the internal heating element that boils the water. Wattage: The higher the wattage on a machine the faster the water is boiled. Quality: Different machines come with different parts made of different materials. Example: Some parts will be made with brass, some with aluminum. Ask your coffee experts at Stan Cash about the quality details of your preferred machine. Warranties may vary as well too. With a more expensive machine you may get a longer warranty. An extended warranty may be something you can discuss with your coffee expert when purchasing. Better quality machines may have things like cups warmers, adjustable cup height, automatic cleaning function, etc etc.


Accessories for your new coffee machine can add to your coffee experience. You can choose a milk frother, a milk jug, a grinder, chocolate shakers, tampers, coffee spatulas, cleaning kits, grinder bins, etc. The fun has only just begun!

Cleaning your machine

This function is an absolute must for coffee machine owners. It is also known as descaling. The residue of bitter coffee oil can affect the taste of your coffee. The remains of the coffee oil, milk residue and lime scale must be elimated so your coffee machine can work at its optimum level.


We all have our budget when making a significant household purchase. Let’s break it down, in a good way. How much do you spend on coffee per week or per month? If you were going to offset this with making your coffee it may allow you to extend your budget a bit further. Obviously you won’t have this saving on hand immediately but Stan Cash can set up a payment program for you. This way you can do all your research, purchase when there may be a sale or redemption on the product of your choice and pay it off at your own discretion. Often suppliers have redemption programs when you buy a specific coffee machine. This means upon purchase you will receive a form with the details which you fill in online. They will then send you a nominated cashback sum for choosing their machine. Speak to your coffee expert in store or check the Stan Cash website for current promotion details. Do you have a significant birthday or event coming up? Perhaps a donation system whereby your guests can contribute to your wish of a specific coffee machine.