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One Voice

Stan Cash supports OneVoice

Stan Cash supports OneVoice and Australia’s first Mobile Shower Service

Mark Caval of Stan Cash is proud to announce the partnership with homeless youth charity OneVoice.

Tonight over 105,237 people will be homeless in Australia** and out of these Australians;

  • 7,483 are families with children
  • 17,850 are children under 12
  • 10,913 are children & young people ages 12 to 18
  • 15,325 are young people aged 19 – 24

** ABS Census, Homelessness Australia 2011

OneVoice has established Australia’s first Mobile Shower Service that supports Aussie kids living rough on the streets.  It will offer homeless people a safe haven in which to enjoy a hot shower, shave, brush their teeth and receive free clothing and hygiene products.

The idea of a ‘Mobile Shower Service’ came to life after One Voice Founder, Josh Wilkins, met a 12 year old homeless girl, who was abused twice while trying to bathe in a public toilet block.  She had earlier left home to escape abuse from men visiting her mother, who was a sex worker trying to fund a drug addiction.

“Although food and shelter are top of mind concerns when we contemplate Australia’s homeless, one of the biggest challenges that often remains unaddressed is access to clean showers, wash basins and change rooms,” said Josh.

The ‘Mobile Shower Service’ will be staffed by a social worker – which will provide referrals to local support organisations, accommodation, family rehabilitation programs and employment and training opportunities.

Personal hygiene and safety are key concerns for young people living on the streets.  Some people wash at shelters and others in public toilets. Constant worries include: ‘Who is around’ and ‘Am I safe’?

How can Australian’s help OneVoice assist homeless youth?

1 – Drop off any unwanted clothing to Stan Cash Brooklyn to pass onto OneVoice
2 – When making a purchase online add a Fleecy blanket ($9.00)  to your purchase which will be passed onto OneVoice or
3 – Purchase a Fleecy Blanket which Stan Cash will pass onto OneVoice  (click here)

Stan Cash is proud to support OneVoice and their initiative s to help homeless youth.  We hope to assist in raising awareness of youth homelessness in Melbourne and Australia as well as assisting to provide basic essentials that no person should be without.