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Dishwasher Guide and Review

I know, I know! If there’s one member of the family you don’t need to get sick it’s your dishwasher. The hours you save, the mess you can hide, the dishpan hands you avoid.

We don’t think much about the design or functionality of them though do we? Shut the door, press the on button and see you in the morning.

You’ve probably never wondered whether there’s a better way to stack your dishwasher, or if there are different accessories available such as top mount cutlery trays or height adjustable trays.


Try to load all your cups and glasses in the compartments on the left and right side of the top tray.

Try to have something solid leaning against your lightweight containers. This will stop them from flipping over and filling with water, doing exactly the opposite to what you want from your dishwasher.

There may be something on your top shelf that not only have you never used, but you didn’t even know was there. It’s a glass holder for your long stemmed glasses. When unused it is discreetly flipped upright. However if you pull this device down, your champagne and wine glasses will sit snuggly in its grooves. You can still place short cups and glasses in the cup holder underneath as usual, as long as there is enough clearance for the glass holder to flip down. Some dishwasher have foldable pin rows. Pin rows are the pins that stick up to hold your bowls and plates in place but if you want to put pots, pans, oven trays or large dishes in, then these pins can be adjusted.

Some trays can also be completely removed to allow for larger items. Some dishwashers have a basket where your sharp knives can be secured. Also, load like items next to like. You will create maximum space then. All items should face the middle, that’s where the jet spray comes from.

Pre Washing Tips

My dishwasher recently went down. The issue? I was loading plates into it with half a meal still on them. Sounds ridiculous when the service man tells you to scrape the plates until they’re virtually clean and maybe even give them a rinse. My rational brain says, yes yes, of course, that makes total sense. My stress out, time poor brain, who hears the word “Mum” approximately 2,179,429 times a day, does not give the dishwasher the consideration and care it requires. I bought the dishwasher home, gave it a big hug and said “I’ll never take you for granted again”. The greatest indictable offence in our home now is not scrapping your plate before placing it in the dishwasher. A newer dishwasher, say, 5-7 years old-no pre rinsing required (but scrape of course), anything older than this, scrape and pre rinse to squeeze every last wash out of your trusty friend.

What are the different programs?

What programs you have will depend on what dishwasher you own. As a general rule there will be some staples though:

Pre rinse

This is a 5-10 rinse with no detergent. This is a cycle that does the same as a pre rinse under the tap. You then need use another function to wash the load.

Glass/Quick clean

This will be a quick wash on a high temperature and will really only be applicable for glasses and coffee cups. The difference between this and other settings is that only the top spray arm will go on.


This will apply to your pots and pans. It’s usually a longer cycle and the machine will be at its maximum heat capacity.


This is the one that generally gets used the most. It’s easy and usually preset to this function. It’s set and forget and we know what to expect when we open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle.

Maintenance Schedule

When you’re going out after you’ve just unpacked the dishwasher and it is empty, pop it on a regular/normal setting, put vinegar in it and let it run. It will clear out any gunk that might be building up to a blockage. Do this about once a month. Another handy tip is halve your washing tabs. Half is completely fine, it will still do the job and again stop the gunk building up. The dishwashing tab companies tell you to use a whole one so you buy more. If you're in the market for a new dishwasher, or just updating that tired old unit, you can choose from our huge range of dishwasher here: