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French Door Fridge Buying Guides Stan CashFrench door fridges have really taken the market by storm over the last 10 years. Their functionality and design have become the compliment to any kitchen or a great aesthetic feature to design a renovation around.

French door fridges provide a great deal more space than a side by side or traditional refrigerator. They can often come with a range of features to choose from including ice makers, water dispensers, enough storage capacity to house large platters and separate temperature controls. You will find there will be other little add ons that may come with slight variations that you can discuss with your salesperson at the time.

A real feature of a French door fridge is a bottom mount freezer (where the freezer is at the bottom of the refrigerator). There are couple of added benefits with this feature. Firstly, it is obviously the width of the fridge which in itself is larger than the other fridge designs, therefore you will be able to buy and store food in bulk which will create a cost saving. Bottom mount freezers usually have slide out baskets therefore allowing you to organise you food more specifically to your needs. You naturally go to your fridge more than you go to your freezer, therefore you are not bending down as much to get to things on the second or third shelf or your crisper.

French door fridges are sleek, modern and versatile. If it hasn’t been on your fridge score card until now I suggest you go to Stan Cash to check their range and speak with one of their experienced sales people to show you the finer points of these beautiful refrigerators.

French Door Fridge Buying Guides Stan Cash

A couple of necessities need to be considered when purchasing a fridge.

Do you have the cavity space in your kitchen? You must first measure the space and see if it will be able to take a French door fridge. The next practicality question is how big your family is, or what does your lifestyle require.

A French door fridge is larger than traditional refrigerators so will you be using all that space even if you do have the room. There may only be two of you but if you do a lot of cooking or entertaining then yes a French door fridge may be an option. If you’re a larger family that is always struggling for shelf space and storage in your fridge then a French door fridge could be a consideration.