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The world of fridges is now very user friendly. No longer are you stuck with just the option of the traditional top mount (freezer at the top) fridge.

Top mount

These fridges are generally the cheapest to buy. There is also a huge range in this category so plenty of choice size and colour wise. They are usually the cheapest to run and they don’t take up a lot of precious kitchen real estate. Because there are so many on the market, the competition is healthy between the big name manufacturers, so you should be able to get a great bargain.

Bottom Mount

This fridge makes a lot of sense. The freezer is at the bottom and considering how many times we open the fridge compared to the freezer, it is common sense to have the freezer at the bottom so we are not bending over to see what is in the bottom of the crisper all the time.

Side by Side

This variation is where the size of the freezer and size of the fridge are split right down the middle. Some versions offer a little more space with the fridge. This is a good option for those who like to cook and freeze in bulk or take advantages of the special in the freezer section at the supermarket.

They are generally the largest of all the fridges and require quite a sizeable gap in your kitchen. Make sure you measure up the area before considering.

Lastly, you’ll also get a generous amount of storage in the doors.

French Door

French door fridges provide a great deal more space than a side by side or traditional refrigerator. They can often come with a range of features to choose from including ice makers, water dispensers, enough storage capacity to house large platters and separate temperature controls. Many models have ice and water dispensers.

A few handy hints you might like to think about when buying your new fridge are: 

• Will it fit into the fridge space at home?
• Does the fridge you are looking at have a good warranty period or can you get this extended?
• Do I need an interchangeable door handle?
• Are their different colour variations other than what is on display?
• What is the energy rating?
• Is the fridge frost free?
• Are the handles outside the fridge or recessed
• Do I want an icemaker?
• Do I want a water dispenser?
• Do I want see through compartments or wire compartments?
• Do I want a fridge that has an inbuilt deodoriser filter?
• Do I need deep storage compartments in the door because of bottle storage?
• Do the shelves slide in and out for easy removal for cleaning or creating more space?

Each household’s needs and wish list will be different when I comes to the purchase of a fridge. Ask lots of questions and make sure you have your measurements right to avoid a costly mistake.

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