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Stan Cash - FreezerRefrigerator Freezer

Refrigerator freezers are generally found inside the home fridge, usually located in the kitchen. It is cost effective as you are sharing the energy with the fridge so you do not notice the independent cost. It is also convenient for a small family, especially if the household eats a lot of fresh food as opposed to frozen. You can have either a top or bottom mount freezer which is above or below your refrigerator, or generally on the left hand side in a side by side.

If you choose a side by side fridge/freezer, you will get much more freezer space and you can have it conveniently located in the kitchen.

Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are suited to a larger family that like to buy and cook in bulk. You can get a range of different sizes, one to suit your available space. They come with different compartments to separate food into meat type or meal type. So, there may be an initial outlay with a chest freezer, however, it will pay for itself quickly with the savings you get when buying in bulk and taking advantage of specials because you have the storage.

Chest freezers can also be economical to run, due to their insulated sides. They also hold their temperature at a very consistent level hence, costing less to run. Due to their fantastic temperature retention, you can have a power outage and the freezer will barely be effected. The food can remain frozen for up to 2 or 3 days if the lid is not opened.

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