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The more wattage a hair dryer has the more power you will get. For thick, heavy hair, you will require a dryer with the highest wattage. They will also dry hair quicker than dryers with lower wattage.

The types of dryers you can buy are tourmaline, ionic and ceramic. The best dryer you can purchase should have a combination of all of these.

Ionic breaks down water molecules quicker so will dry your hair faster. It also allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft so your hair can maintain hydration. Ions can neutralize positive charged ions in your hair so it restores shine and less frizz occurs.

Tourmaline has a gemstone coating that naturally emit negative ions and make hair shinier.

Ceramic dryers have technology that assists the drying of hair on the inside and outside. The heat is mild and is less damaging.

Which kind of straightener should you get?


Ceramic plates promote an even distribution of heat and have a lower risk of burning hair. Use full ceramic plates so there is not chipping of material.


Titanium plates heat up extremely quickly and transfer heat faster than ceramic. Used properly there is less chance for heat damage. If plates are left on the hair too long they can cause damage.


Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that is crushed up and used to coat plates of a straightener. It makes hair shinier, straighter and less frizzy than other straighteners.


Tips when straightening your hair

It is no secret that straightening you hair can cause damage, just the same as blow drying and curling so here are some tips to lessen the impact and provide a nice straight silky looking head of hair
• Use either a heat protectant spray or cream before straightening your hair
• Give your hair a treatment once a week
• Even though your straightener might go up above 200 degrees, 180 degrees will definitely be enough heat to straighten most people’s hair
• Run a drop of oil through your hair after straightening. This will not only give it a silky look, it will also catch any flyaways

Of course, straighteners can also be used to curl hair or just add a kink or wave. All the same tips from above apply when doing this.

Stan Cash also carry a range of:
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