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Stan Cash - Hair StylerFor a lot of people, their hair is their crown in glory. Hairdressers have become the modern day artist.

Stan Cash have many hair styling products and this review will cover some popular items to help you make your decision on what is the right choice for you.

Hair dryers

Hair dryers have been the core of hair care since the invention of electricity. It is also important to know what sort of hair you have and what styling outcome you are after, to choose the most effective product for you.

The more wattage a hair dryer has, the more power you will get.  For thick, heavy hair, you will require a dryer with the highest wattage.  They will also dry hair quicker than dryers with lower wattage.

The types of dryers you can buy are tourmaline, ionic and ceramic. The best dryer you can purchase should have a combination of these.

Ionic breaks down water molecules quicker, so will dry your hair faster.  It also allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft so your hair can maintain hydration.  Ions can neutralize positive charged ions in your hair so it restores shine and less frizz occurs.

Tourmaline has a gemstone coating that naturally emit negative ions and makes hair shinier.

Ceramic dryers have technology that assists the drying of hair on the inside and outside. The heat is mild and is less damaging.

Tips when blow drying your hair

• Your hair should be about 60 per cent dry before taking the dryer to it, so towel dry your hair as much as possible beforehand. This will minimize dehydration and drying time in front of the mirror. Perhaps after the shower, wrap your hair in a towel and do a few other things.
• Blow dry with hands first, then the brush.
• A bigger brush provides a smoother outcome.

Hair straighteners

Straighteners give our hair that sleek, even look after drying.  A good straightening job can save you doing your hair for an extra day or two.  They are also used to give your hair a kink or a wave so they can do more than just straighten.

Ceramic: Ceramic plates promote an even distribution of heat and have a lower risk of burning hair. Use full ceramic plates so there is not chipping of material.

Titanium: Titanium plates heat up extremely quickly and transfer heat faster than ceramic.  Used properly there is less chance for heat damage.  If plates are left on the hair too long they can cause damage.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that is crushed up and used to coat plates of a straightener.  It makes hair shinier, straighter and less frizzy that other straighteners.

Tips when straightening your hair

It is no secret that straightening your hair can cause damage, just the same as blow drying and curling, so here are some tips to lessen the impact and provide a nice straight silky looking head of hair:
• Use either a heat protectant spray, or cream, before straightening your hair ¬ Give your hair a treatment once a week.
• Even though your straightener might go up above 200 degrees, 180 degrees will be enough heat to straighten most people’s hair.
• Run a drop of oil through your hair after straightening. This will not only give it a silky look, it will also catch any flyaways.

Hot Rollers

Trends come and go but guess what? Hot rollersare back. Rollers equal volume. If you want that full, flowing, curled effect hot rollers are your ticket. There is a knack to it using rollers though so if you have found them problematic in the past, follow my tips and you will be rocking great waves in days. If you’re not sure whether to go hot rollers or curling iron, it is generally accepted that hot rollers are easier.

Tips for using hot rollers

• Hair must be completely dry before applying hot rollers.
• Start curling from the crown of the head down. Curl the hair around the curler. If you start from the bottom of the hair you will have one large curl at the bottom. If that’s the look you want though that’s what you need to do.
• Make sure the width of your hair is equal to that of the curler. This will ensure evenness.
• Section off equal amounts of hair to be curled, this will also ensure evenness.

Hot shells

This new product is likened to hot rollers and curling irons but less damaging on the hair. Made of solid ceramic tourmaline, the ceramic part helps with an even distribution of heat and the tourmaline helps with shininess and frizzing. Like any curling product, they take a bit of practice. They are becoming very popular.

Tips for using hot shells

• If you want a tight curl, use only one finger to wrap the hair around.
• If you want a looser curl, use two fingers to the wrap the hair around.
• If you want an elegant wave, use three fingers.

Heated brushes

Heated brushes are the perfect marriage between a hair dryer and styling brush. Heated brush can give a straightened effect but not a dead straight look. They can also provide volume and a styling solutions that will shorten your grooming time in the morning.

Tips for using heated brushes

• There are heated brushes that come with more than one head. If you are trying to achieve different looks this might be an advantage.
• Try to find something that has more than one heat and speed setting.

Curling irons

One of the great advantages of using a curling iron is that you are in complete control and can see exactly the quality of curl you are going to produce. A good quality curling iron will distribute heat evenly and produce consistent results every time. They are very compact and easy to store.

Tips for using curling irons

• Use it sparingly, you don’t want to place direct heat on your hair on a consistent basis. This goes for all heating products on your hair.
• Titanium plated surfaces glides more easily than the possible alternatives.
• A mix of titanium and ceramic makes a curling iron suitable for any hair type so make sure you choose one that has that combination.

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