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Stan Cash - Juice Buying GuidesPerhaps you are old enough to remember the old, manual hand juicers? We were restricted to juicing oranges and lemons and that was about it.

Well, juicers have come a long way and are now capable of making soups, pulping healthy juices and giving us taste combinations we never thought of.

Juicing and juicers have now become an important appliance in a lot of homes.

We now prepare juices for ourselves to run out the door to work, as opposed to sitting down to breakfast.

We can prepare healthy tasty smoothies for our kids for when they come home from school.

We can give those in the family the juice alternative if they find it difficult to eat breakfast.

Do you love certain fruits but can’t be bother cutting them up? Well juicing them is your alternative.

It has become the healthy alternative time saver that people are turning to all over Australia.

The fantastic thing about juice is that you can create any combination you like and it has that sweet component most of us crave. So, we can have the sweet pleasure without the processed sugar nasties.

Here’s some combinations you may (or may not) have considered:
• Orange, carrot and coriander refresher
• Citrus circus juice
• Green smoothies
• Passionfruit punch
• Apple, spinach and mint juice
• Apple, pear and spinach juice
... and many, many more combinations.

At Stan Cash, we have a huge range of juicers. Everything from citrus presses to double sieved juicers to Nutribullets as well as other versatile kitchen juicing appliances. Brands like Kambrook, Sunbeam, Braun and others.

Stan Cash - Juice Buying Guides 

Things to consider when buying a juicer:

 What do I want the juicer to do?
 Do I want the juicer on the bench or in the cupboard?
 How much space to I have?
 Do I want to juice my fruit and veggies whole or do I cut them up?
 How much cleaning am I prepared to do with my juicer?
 Is it time to update your juicer?
 Have you been curious to see what new juicers are available?
 Has your juicer given up the ghost?
 Is a juicer a good present?
 Where do I find juice combinations or recipes?
 Who uses a juicer?