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Nobo Panel Heaters

Nobo Panel Heaters are made in Europe, the brand is considered to be a market leader panel heaters. They are also considered to be modern in design, high quality and innovative. The heaters design is clean and timeless thanks to their Scandinavian influence.

Because of their unique design where the heat outlet is at the top, they can be used in circumstances where other heaters cannot. Nobo Panel Heaters can safely be set behind furniture.

Made in Norway, Nobo Panel Heaters are available in a variety of sizes including –

  • 750 watt
  • 1250 watt
  • 1500 watt
  • 2000 watt
  • 2400 watt

The size panel heater you need depends on the size of your room. To determine the size you need use the following formula -

(Room Width Metres x Room Length Metres)*100

E.G. Your room is 3 metre by 2.5 metres. (3 X 2.5 = 7.5), then 7.5*100 = 750, this means you need minimum 750 watt heater. If you have lots of windows then you may decide to go for a larger heater.

The thermostat is ultra accurate, remaining +/-0.1 C

Because there is no fan in the Nobo Panel Heaters they operate without any noise at all. Along with this they are IP24 rated for bathroom use. What IP24 means is that the heater is protected against objects larger than 12.5mm getting into it plus it is also splash proof meaning it is safe to use in bathrooms.

Nobo Panel Heaters are also 16% more efficient against similar priced competitors which is great to know as electricity bills are constantly going up. So the extra you pay now you’ll save over time through cheaper electricity bills.

Depending on your preference the heaters can be wall mounted or set up on caster wheels. Wheels and the wall bracket are included with each heater. Wall mounting is very easy with just 4 screws needed.

NTE4T models come with a 7 day programmable timer.

Nobo are so confident their panel heaters are made to last, Nobo give a Life Time Warranty.

It is possible to control each of your Nobo Panel Heaters from your mobile with the Energy Control System (ECS) App. Once you have downloaded the app you can set the temperature of each heater and the time you want it to run from the app. You can set each heater individually or you can set them up as a group. Each heater can be set to up to suit your daily schedule. Imagine driving home on a cold night and your heaters are not on, through the app you can turn any heater on and have the house warm and ready for your arrival.

To use the ECS system you need the Nobo Energy App, the Nobo Hub (1 per household needed) and each heater needs to be fitted with the Nobo Received Panel (NCU2R). The HUB will connect with your wireless router and then connect with each of your heaters fitted with the Nobo Receiver.

Search “Nobo Energy” in the App Store or Google Play

You can buy Nobo Panel Heaters from the Stan Cash website and we ship to anywhere in Australia or if you live in Melbourne and want to see the heaters why not come to the Stan Cash showroom in Brooklyn Melbourne (right next to Altona).

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