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Stan Cash - Oven buying guidesSingle Oven

Single door ovens are traditionally 60 cms wide. However, in recent years cooking suppliers have realised the change in family cooking and with the advent of cooking shows, have increased choice to give a variation of 70 and 90 cm.

Double Oven

Double ovens are generally built one on top of the other in the kitchen. They are separate and have separate controls. It is often the choice of people who entertain a lot, have a large family or require varied cooking methods. For example, you can cook a meal in one and bake a cake in the other.

One and a half oven

This is like a double oven in that it has a single oven on the bottom and a half oven on top. The half oven will have limited functions and generally only one shelf. 

Separate Grill

Do you use your griller regularly? If you like to brown the food you cook in the oven, make sure you choose an oven with a top element. If you like to finish off other food in the griller whilst cooking in the oven, a separate grill will need to be purchased


The job of a convection oven is to brown food. It has a heating element and a fan which circulates the hot air, helping food to cook quickly and evenly.


Steam ovens do exactly as the name suggests, they cook food by steaming it. Steam and hot air are released into the oven which helps retain the natural juices in the food. The oven has water filled containers and can do everything from slow cook, to grilling, to baking. They are very versatile.


Pyrolytic means self-cleaning. The oven still does all the things a normal oven does but it has a function that allows the oven to heat up to 500 degrees which at this point, turns any baked-on grime to ash which then falls to the bottom of the appliance. All you need to do is give the bottom of the oven a wipe to complete the cleaning process.

• Do you want an oven that cleans itself?
• Do you like to speed cook?
• Do you like to cook the healthiest way possible?
• Is it time for a new oven?
• Are you renovating your kitchen?
• What oven best suits your families’ needs?
• What’s new in ovens?

What is the best oven for you?

Stan Cash - Oven buying guides