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Stan Cash Robotic Vacuum Buying GuidesRobotic vacuums

It was the stuff of futuristic legends that led us to even dream about having a vacuum cleaner that did all the work itself. Imagine how much more time that would allow us in our day to day toil.

Well, they are no longer a vision for the future as Robotic vacuums are here now and we need to know the ins and outs of this little time savings genius.

How good are robotic vacuums?

The mechanics of all vacuums are a mixture of power, suction, filters and dust collection. Many people look at robotic vacuums and think that can’t possibly generate the power a larger vacuum with a bigger motor could. This may be true to an extent; however, most people vacuum too quickly, missing spots and not picking up everything in the areas they do go over. Robotic vacuums move very slowly in comparison to a human so despite the sacrifice you make in wattage, you pick up in the more complete clean the vacuum will deliver.

When considering to buy one, a robotic vacuum falls under the “you get what you pay for”. If you are serious, do not make this a novelty purchase. Cheaper versions will generally let you down with a lack of quality manufacturing materials and substandard power. A good robotic vacuum cleaner will be in the same ball park price wise as a traditional, quality vacuum.

One of the greatest advantages of a small vacuum is the space you will save. Most people put their robotic vacs in an out of the way place like the laundry. If you’re about to move into a new place or looking for ideas for a bridal registry, a good robotic vacuum may be the present to ask for.

Most people vacuum around once a week. With a robotic vacuum, you can do it daily which will really cut down on dirt and dust settling on your flooring. This frequency of vacuuming will also assist with those with asthma and allergies, as well as household pet that sheds a lot.

Features of a robotic vacuum

Stair detection

The device will detect when there is a recess in the floor and stop beforehand to avoid crashing down the step.


Intuitively, when the battery starts to get low, the vacuum finds its own way back to the charging station and docks itself to gain full charge again. 


Another great advantage of robotic vacuums is that they are much quitter that conventional vacs.

Automatic programming

Most models will have the programming function which allows you to pre-set what time you would like the vacuuming to begin. Generally, people set it for when they go to work or leave the house.

Virtual wall

Some units have this feature as an extra. It stops the unit entering areas the user does not want disturbed, say a baby’s room where the baby is asleep.

Stan Cash Robotic Vacuum Buying Guides 

Things to consider when buying

 Some models have Wi-Fi connectivity so, for example, it can be connected to your phone. If you leave the house and forget to program the vac, you can do it remotely from wherever you are through your phone.
 Consider the shape of the vacuum, most are round but some have good designs that assist with getting in further to the corners.
How many modes does it have? Consider what you need. Eco function is generally a low energy output, slow vac, as opposed to the Turbo function which will give a quick powered run over an area.
 Check running time. This will be a major factor in your choice of vac. Obviously the longer, the better.
If the vacuum doesn’t finish the programmed job, make sure once it goes back to the docking station and is fully charged, it is intuitive enough to finish the job.
 If you have hard floors, make sure the wheels on the bottom of the unit are soft.
 Make sure all the surrounding buffers are made of soft materials so if they bump into a piece of furniture or a wall, they don’t mark it.



Vacuum maintenance

There is always a down side anything that is labelled “time saving”. Chances are you will have to empty the canister after every vacuum but that isn’t a major problem, right?

Filter should be checked on a regular basis. A small appliance that low to the ground, with no wands or shafts for dirt and dust to get lost in, is going to be doing a lot of work, which is great but you need to keep an eye on the hardware of the machine.

Generally, good robotic vacuums are not cheap. To maintain the quality of longevity of your appliance you must check it regularly. The kinder you are to it, the longer it will work for you, which is the point of investing in such a product.