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Steam Mop Buying guides Stan CashSteam mop advantages

Steam mops have become very popular products over the years for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you do not use any added detergents to achieve a great clean. Secondly, you are cleaning your floors at a very high temperature, hotter that you get simply from the hot tap. Therefore, you are cleaning and sanitising at the same time, leaving little chance of any unseen bacteria growing or multiplying.

They will remove dirt and grime better than a mop and bucket due to the high heat of the unit.

Features to consider on a Steam Mop

Water tank

Make sure the water tank on the unit is sizeable. Don’t go for the smallest one as you will be filling the tank more times than you care to during a clean.

Telescopic wand

If you are a little shorter or taller than most, you may want to make a unit with a telescopic wand a priority. This will alleviate any back problems that may occur from slouching over your steam mop.

Power cord length

A short power cord may make cleaning more problematic. When working on a room, you want to make sure you can cover the whole area in one clean, without wasting extra time, having to unplug and relocate each time.

Ready to use indicator

It is handy to know when your mop is hot enough ready for use. A clear visual guide will save you time having to manually check if it is hot enough or not.


Check if the model you want has the accessories you need.

Steam Mop Buying guides Stan Cash

Things to consider when buying a steam mop

At times, you can find steam mops that come in a bundle pack. This may also include a window steamer or an added attachment like a grout cleaner. Ask yourself - Will you use the extras if you purchase a pack?
How big are the areas you are wanting to clean?
Do you need a stick steamer or one with a canister attached?
Make sure the water boiler in the unit is made of quality material. This way you will ensure maximum heating to allow for maximum output from the unit and avoid any early deterioration down the track.
Some steam mops clean hard floors as well as carpets. Consider you household needs before purchasing and weigh up the benefits of all-in-one or separate units that are specific to the job.
The cleaning pad on the bottom of the unit will be picking up all the dirt and grime and will need to be washed after each use. Try to buy a unit with more than one pad or see if Stan Cash stock them and buy extra.