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TOP LOAD AND FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE BUYING GUIDES - STANCASHBuying a washing machine is a major purchase. A good washing machine will last you for years and will save you money on water and power bills. Look at your new washing machine as an investment, not an expense. It pays to do your research and speak to a laundry expert at Stan Cash.

Front loaders

The upsides

• Generally not as harsh on clothes
• Cheaper to run over time
• Generally use less energy and water
• Use less detergent
• Spin cycles are faster therefore removing more water and reducing drying time
• Smaller than top loaders so can fit into tighter spaces
• Can usually wash at higher temperatures

The downsides

• Usually more expensive to purchase than top loaders
• Only a couple of models will allow you to add clothes after the cycle has started
• Long wash times (up to 3 hours) Some models have a fast cycle but are not designed to wash heavily soiled clothes.

Top loaders

The upsides

• Short wash cycles than front loaders
• Generally less expensive Lighter in weight so can be easily moved
• Able to add clothes once cycle has started

The downsides

• Generally louder than front loaders
• Not as gentle on clothes
• Will generally use more water
• Use more detergent
• Costs more to run
• Use more energy when washing in warm or hot water

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