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Top mount refrigerators really give customers another variation on their choice of fridge design. There are also plenty of advantages in this category.

Firstly,  top mount fridges are generally the cheapest to buy. The category is huge so the range is extensive and competition is healthy therefore you should be able to get a great deal on a top mount fridge. Secondly top mount fridges are traditionally the cheapest of all inside domestic fridges to run.

Sometimes top mount fridge have interchangeable doors so depending on whether you need a left hand opening or right opening fridge, you will open up your options with buying a fridge that has this capability. So explained simply, if the top mount fridge you see on the floor at Stan Cash opens the wrong way for your kitchen at home, the hinges in some models can be put on the other side making it possible for the door handle to be on the other side of the fridge.

This is also an advantage if you are a renter or may be looking at moving house and are not sure the layout of your next kitchen. Many a fridge has had to be sold due to a door not being able to be interchanged when moving from one house to another. One of the other fantastic advantages to top mount fridges is their colour variations. Because top mounts are generally cheaper to manufacture, suppliers are able to offer added choices. You are not limited to the traditional two choices of white or stainless steel. A coloured fridge may be the point of difference you would really love in a kitchen or better still begin a kitchen renovation centered around your uniquely coloured fridge.

The first thing you must do when purchasing a fridge is measure the size of the cavity in your kitchen. You also need to leave about 2cms all around the space for airflow for the fridge. Your next consideration is how big is my family or what are my lifestyle requirements. Do I cook or entertain a lot? Or is it just a case of a large family and the functionality is to be able to stock the fridge with as much food as possible. The general rule of thumb is go that little bit bigger as opposed to that little bit smaller, if your space permits.

A few handy hints you might like to think about when buying your fridge are:

 Does the fridge you are looking at have a good warranty period or can you get this extended?
 Do I need an interchangeable door handle?
 Are their different colour variations other than what is on display?
 What is the energy rating?
 Is the fridge frost free?
 Are the handles outside the fridge or recessed?
 Do I want an icemaker?
 Do I want a water dispenser?
 Do I want see through compartments or wire compartments?
 Do I want a fridge that has an inbuilt deodoriser filter?
 Do I need deep storage compartments in the door because of bottle storage?
 Do the shelves slide in and out for easy removal for cleaning or creating more space?

Each household’s needs and wishlist will be different when it comes to the purchase of a fridge.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you have your measurements right to avoid a costly mistake.