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Back Up Plan

Back Up Plan (Previously Exended Warranty)

Before you decide to purchase Back Up Plan, we recommend you review the Target Market Determination.

Purchase of a Back up Plan gives you rights which are in addition to but may overlap with any rights and remedies you may have under applicable laws including any Consumer Guarantees. The cost of the Back up Plan payable by you does not include any cost for benefits which overlap with your Australian Consumer Law rights.

A separate Back Up Plan must be purchased for each product. If You have purchased more than one product on the same purchase receipt, then this Back Up Plan will only cover the product specifically described on the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice as being covered by a Back Up Plan with a separate itemisation of its cost.

Note – Back up Plan's are only valid for domestic use


If Your Product is a fridge or freezer We will reimburse You for food spoiled as a result of a mechanical or electrical defect with a benefit up to $200 (including GST).


If Your Product is a clothes washer or clothes dryer, we will reimburse You up to $200 (including GST) for laundry costs You incur as a result of a mechanical or electrical defect which renders Your Product inoperable for a period of greater than seven (7) working days (excluding the time You take to manage Your obligations during the claim process), commencing from the time We have been notified by You of Your Product failure. Receipts for laundry costs must be submitted to support Your claim.


We will provide You with advice on technical problems in relation to Your Product during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm AEST). You can access this benefit by phoning Our Toll Free number in Australia 1800 008 104.


You may claim for a Mechanical or Electrical Failure to Your covered product that is a result of normal use. Fair Wear and Tear covers items such as buttons and switches on electrical devices which have failed as a result of normal use.


This Back Up Plan can be transferred to a new owner at the sale of Your Product providing written advice from You is forwarded to Business Services within seven (7) days of the transfer of ownership of Your Product. Please call Our Business Services Hotline 1800 559 966, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm AEST, for further details.


If Your Product is not working and is the subject of a valid claim under this Back Up Plan, We will make available to You upon request, a loan product for use during the repair period, if the repair is likely to take longer than ten (10) working days from the date upon which the repairer receives Your Product. The loan product may not necessarily be the same size, brand or have the same specifications as Your Product. You must maintain the loan product in good condition and You will be responsible for any damage to the loan product.

We will deliver the loan product to You free of charge if delivery is to an address within a 25km radius of Your original store of purchase. For deliveries outside of a 25km radius, You will need to make arrangements to collect the loan product. Please contact Us if You wish to utilise a loan product.


If Your Product is a TV with a purchase price greater than $1,000 and the repair takes longer than ten (10) days from the time of assessment, We will provide You with four (4) movie vouchers upon request, provided You do not utilise the Loan Product option under this contract.


If You live within 25km of one of Our designated approved repairers and the Product is less than 7kg in weight (e.g. TV’s smaller than 32”) You will need to take Your Product to that repairer and pick up the replacement or repaired item at Your own cost. If You are unable to do this please contact one of Our Rescue Agents on 1800 062 782 (0800 454 082 in NZ).

If You live further than 25km from the designated approved repairer or Your Product is greater than 7kg in weight (eg: 32” TVs and above) We will, at Our cost, arrange for the transport of Your Product to and from one of Our designated approved repairers. If You live in an area which is not reasonably accessible from a capital city or regional city, You must provide Us with any assistance reasonably requested by Us to facilitate such transport.


In the event Your Product is not working, is the subject of a valid claim and to be repaired under this Back Up Plan, We aim to have the repair completed within the minimum time practicable. If Your repair takes longer than 30 days, We will replace Your Product in accordance with the replacement conditions detailed under the section headed Replacement Terms. The 30 Day Repair Guarantee commences from:

• the date upon which the repairer receives Your Product; and ends on:

• the date upon which the repairer sends to You or makes available Your Product, having completed repairs.

• any period where You are unavailable for product pickup or delivery will not form part of the 30 Day Repair Guarantee.

This guarantee will only apply to:

A. repairs completed in Australia; and

B. repairs when We are not able to provide You with a loan product for use during the repair period.


If You have a Repair Cover plan, at Our sole discretion, We may replace Your Product with a new product as determined by Us when Your Product is not economically repairable or repair costs exceed the Original Purchase Price of Your Product, regardless of the original Manufacturer’s policy on replacement. If Your Product is covered by a Replacement Cover Plan under this Back Up Plan, We will always replace with a new product rather than repair subject to a satisfactory inspection to confirm that the fault is covered by this Back Up Plan. For products costing less than $500 this assessment will be carried out on the phone and in-store. For products costing over $500 the assessment will be carried out by the Administrator’s authorised repair agent.

The replacement product shall be equivalent in specifications of Your original product and the cost shall not exceed the Original Purchase Price You paid for Your Product. Due to changes in product technology and availability, the replacement product We supply may have a lower selling price and is not limited to the original manufacturer brand of Your original product. Replacement price differences, if any, will not be refunded.

When a replacement product is not available We may provide a store credit, up to the Original Purchase Price of Your Product in lieu of a replacement item. The issue of a store credit, or replacement item supplied for Your Product shall constitute fulfilment of this Back Up Plan.

Delivery and installation of a replacement product are not included as part of Your replacement.

Payment to You or replacement of Your Product shall constitute fulfilment of this Back Up Plan.


• Unauthorised repairs

• Defects or design faults that are covered by the manufacturer or distributor whether or not through the process of a product recall

• Costs when Your Product was used for commercial purposes

• Consequential losses of any type including any loss or profits, revenue, data, goodwill or reputation and damage to other goods or property

• Costs incurred where no Mechanical or Electrical Failure is identified

• Normal maintenance costs

• Any exclusions outlined in the Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Installation or reinstallation of Your Product

• Mechanical or Electrical Failures of Your Product caused by:

-product recalls;

-negligence, misuse or unauthorised alterations;

-liquid penetration;

-infestations of vermin, pests or insects;

-cosmetic damage, Accidental damages from any cause;

-rust or corrosion

• Repairs to or replacement of any:

-consumables including but not limited to batteries which can be readily removed, fuses, filters, bulbs or lamps;

-software, data or removable data mediums caused by the Mechanical or Electrical Failure of Your Product. This includes firmware upgrades and malfunctions caused by virus;

-crisper/dairy doors, shelving, handles that have broken.


If You have a problem with Your Product which is not covered by this Back Up Plan, please contact the retailer or the manufacturer. Contact information for Your retailer can be found on Your original purchase receipt. Contact information for the manufacturer can be found in the warranty and support section in the initial warranty card provided when You purchased Your Product.

If You are claiming under this Back Up Plan, You can lodge Your claim by calling Our Rescue Crew on 1800 062 782, (0800 454 082 in NZ) Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm AEST, and Our friendly staff will assist You with Your claim. For overseas customers, please email

Claims must be made prior to the expiration of this Back Up Plan. The address for claims correspondence is GPO Box 1465, Brisbane QLD 4001.

Claims will not be handled where You have arranged repair or replacement without first lodging and gaining approval of a claim.

Ensure You have Your original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice available.

Your claim must be lodged by the customer whose name is shown on the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice and/or any other parties authorised by the owner in writing.

We’d love to hear Your thoughts on how We could improve Our products and services. If at any time You would like to provide feedback please email

Download a copy of our Back Up Plan (PDF)