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Advantages of washer/dryer combo

The greatest advantage of a washer & dryer combo is the space saving capability. They are a very popular item in Europe for this fact, where some accommodation doesn’t allow for a laundry and the combo is placed in the kitchen. This can easily apply to residences in Australia.

The combo will have several different cycles but without a doubt, the most complementary would be the combined wash & dry function. So essentially, you could wash and dry your load overnight, ready to be folded and put away in the morning. Incredibly functional and user friendly.

The machines can come in a range of different sizes and different brands. As usually, if you pay a little bit more for a good quality item, you are likely to see the benefits in the longevity, quality fittings and good back up customer service.

Other environments washer/dryer combos should be considered

  • Smaller homes
  • Holiday house where washing isn’t an immediate priority
  • Warmer climate where drying will be more likely done on the line
  • Homes where people have mobility difficulties and would be advantaged by not having to transfer clothes to a dryer
  • People with back injuries