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Stan Cash - Wine FreezerIf you enjoy your wine and like to make it an added feature to a meal, as opposed to just something put on the table to match the colour of the meat, then a wine fridge is the appliance for you.

It is important to note that wine fridges are different from standard fridges.  Wine fridges maintain a more stable temperature as they are not being opened continuously.  They also control the humidity which is at about 70% in a conventional fridge.

One major drawback of a conventional fridge is that most do not have enough purpose-built racks for storing bottles.

A lot of wine fridges come with varied temperature controls.  This means you can confidently place a couple of bottles you are looking forward to serving tonight into the serving temperature rack, whilst the bottles you are saving for much later will be on a different rack at a different temperature.

Wine fridges can come in a couple of sizes. Some can fit under benchtops and some can be as large as your refrigerator. Consider where it is going to be placed.

If you are building and entertaining is something you do a lot of, consider having you wine fridge or fridges built in. Not only will this integrate nicely into your overall layout, it is very aesthetically pleasing to see something cool, crisp and clean in the fridge as most wine fridges have clear glass.

Wine fridges are built to different specifications as they are often kept outdoors. They are required to be resilient to the elements both hot and cold.

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